You’ve NEVER Seen A Book Light Like This

BOWIO | One-of-a-kind Book Light that is Innovative, Functional and Fashionable

Launched on Kickstarter, BOWIO is a book light has come to define your reading experience

Long Beach, CA (February 27, 2021) -  BOWIO is one-of-a-kind lightweight book light that is innovative, functional and fashionable designed and engineered by readers for readers. Designed by a team of passionate industrial designers and electrical engineers, BOWIO has  a unique form that enables optimal luminosity over pages. The result is a reading experience that maintains contrast while scattering light to reduce glare to the barest minimum – Also it allows you to precisely control the brightness with a touch for an undisrupted reading experience.


What Makes BOWIO unique?

Product development was started over a year ago when the BOWIO design team organized an in-office book reading competition during Covid Quarantine days. Just then, the book lights came into play. Switching the light from one side to the other to get enough light or avoid shadows and glare was a real pain. Bulky clips were also weighing down the book pages, and loose shaky necks pushed users to stand still in a poor posture. That’s why the team took an obsessive approach to make a meticulously designed and engineered product. The result is a revolutionary and innovative user experience by combining elegant materials with the finest craftsmanship.


BOWIO Features - Functional | Lightweight | Fashionable

BOWIO’s strap shape is handcrafted using two different top-quality materials: top grain Italian leather and durable PU leather. Both encapsulate the electronic components inside and are available in a variety of colors. Warm daylight LEDs have been lined to create an arc shape over your book and cast the perfect uniform lighting. The magnetic clips have exceptional grasping strength and are designed to hold the cover firmly while still allowing you to adjust the light.  The touch-controlled on-off button also provides easy light dimming so that the brightness level can be adjusted precisely. The ultra power-efficient electronic design delivers plenty of reading time hours and more than a year in standby mode.

Innovative, functional, and fashionable, BOWIO is a combination of carefully chosen materials and reliable electronics. And now, it is on the verge of production.

Available on Kickstarter.

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